New releases of Firestorm are designed with version 9.x grids in mind.  LFGrid runs on the last stable release of 0.8.3.  New Releases of Firestorm do not support Estate Tools and Windlight.  To maintain that functionality on Littlefield Grid please go to the viewer download section and download the Firestorm viewer there.  If you have no need for Estate Tools and Windlight, feel free to use the new Firestorm release.

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Littlefield Grid is an adult (18 + only) community grid.  This simply means we do not permit users under the age of 18, and child avatars of any kind are not permitted.  It is commerce free and will never have a commerce system.  All content in world is provided free of charge for the residents of Littlefield Grid, and in general created by the users in the community, or purchased 3rd party and licensed for the grid for use by the members of the community.  Littlefield Grid runs top quality hardware housed in a US datacenter with mulitple redundant power and internet systems for reliability and performance (see LFG Infrastructure for more info).  We at LFGrid want to provide an excellent working environment where people can have fun and enjoy themselves without having to work and make money to enjoy the environment.  This community is frequently compared to a large "family" because everyone works collectively and in harmony to help each other out.  Our residents make the grid, and we cannot thank our residents enough for being part of the Littlefield Grid family!!

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