​​Littlefield Homestead Parcels

​​Water Region:

500 Prims

Weekly OAR backups

Full Estate Manager Rights attached to current Estate

You name your own region


​$1.00 USD monthly per region

​​Littlefield Island Regions 256x256

Littlefield Solutions offers safe, affordable, stable rental options for your Virtual World Experience.  All regions are hosted on our region servers located in a secure data center with fully redundant power systems, internet, and data storage in order to provide an incredibly stable region as well as maximizing uptime.  Littlefield Solutions/Littlefield Grid is not a commercial environment.  Rental of regions is simply to offset the cost of the region servers and we try to keep the cost reasonable for our user community.  We offer several stock options for land rental below, and we can provide custom pricing for multi-region discounts as well as large VAR region discounts.  Please contact Walter Balazic in world for a custom quote.  All region rental payments are made through PayPal.  Littlefield Grid does not support, and will not support VW Money Systems  (Globits, etc..).  PayPal terminals can be used in world and the support staff will assist in setting this up upon request.  Discounts apply for rental of multiple regions!!  Speak with Walter Balazic in world for details.

​​Littlefield Solutions Land Rental


​​​Littlefield Grid

About Renting in Littlefield Grid

Littlefield Grid is a community grid.  All land rentals must be approved by the grid administrators.  Land rental usage MUST follow Littlefield Grid's TOS and Adult Only policy (no exceptions).  All land rental includes a 30 day "Free" trial to determine if the renter is satisfied with the service and to determine if the renter fits in with the community.  Littlefield Solutions may at any time terminate a rented region and the renter will receive a FULL refund for the current rented month if there is a unresolvable dispute between the grid administration and renter, or if the renter violates the terms of the TOS or the Adult policy.  Regions are NOT permitted to be located within 4 blocks of another region unless there is a request from the current region owner to pemit this.

Rental Requirements:
1 - Must have a local account on Littlefield Grid.
2 - PayPal is the only available payment method and rentals are automatically billed monthly.
4 - Region map location will be supplied by Littlefield Grid Administration.  
5 - Adjoining regions are permitted if both renters agree to the location.
6 - No illegal activities (no Casino's etc.. if in question contact Littlefield Support).
7 - No Copybotting or Copybot viewers are permitted.

Littlefield Island Regions:

For very large homes and complexes or commercial applications (clubs, etc..).

​Estate Manager Rights with your own Estate

30,000 Prims
20 Active NPC Limit
40 Concurrent Agent Limit
5000 Running Script Count Limit​

​​Free loading of your OAR's and RAW files by the support team.

​ Access to private shopping areas for renters only.

​$15.00 USD monthly via Paypal

VAR (Variable) Regions:

* Full Estate Manager access with creation of estate for renter.
* 1 - Free Shoutcast Server with 40 users
* Free loading of OAR's and RAW files by the support team.
* Free renaming of regions on request.
* Weekly OAR backups saved on our backup server in our datacenter.
* Access to private shopping areas for renters only.

VAR pricing varies due to size.

For custom VAR sizes and pricing contact

Walter Balazic in World... Or via our help ticket system:

Littlefield Homestead Parcels:


RESIDENTIAL ONLY!!  No Clubs or Malls!

3500 Prims

5 Active NPC Limit

10 Concurrent Agent Limit

Terraforming Permitted

1000 Running Script Count Limit​

​Grass or Sand Terrain Available!

​$5.00 USD monthly via Paypal

​​Visit the Homestead Rental Center

in world to rent a Homestead

Region: Littlefield